GM Canada announces $235M investment into St. Catharines plant in Ontario


GM Canada has reported today that it will invest $235 Million into its plant sitting in St. Catharines, Ontario. GM Canada reports that it will build its next generation of highly fuel efficient small block engines.

Power Train

GM invests $235M into St. Catharines Plant

GM also reports that 400 jobs will be (re)created as a result.

It sucks that GM took a blind eye a few years back to the possibilities of creating cars and trucks of the future. Living in a society where glitz and glamour have had their day perhaps, and with the demise of gas guzzlers like the Hummer – GM’s recent financial woes & set-backs, perhaps its a sign of a turn around and hope.

What do I know? Seems everything is still about the buck, however, if people in one of Canada’s poorest areas (Niagara Region), where industry and tourism have substantially died between SARS and the bouncing dollar economy, it is a ray of hope to see some jobs coming back into the area.

Two months ago, the Welland Tribune reported that Stats Canada released figures (February 2010) that Niagara’s unemployment rate rose from 11% to 11.2% while the National average dropped by .1% to 8.3%.

In 2008, the Niagara Falls Review reported that Stats Canada’s unemployment rate for Niagara was at 7.7% already almost 2% over the National average at that time.

Niagara’s unemployment rate has increased by 3.5% in just 2 years making it one of the highest reported unemployment rates next to Windsor, now at 12.8%, in Canada.

Most people aren’t even getting a yearly salary increase of 3.5%.

With networking, education, discussion and connections, perhaps we can encourage bigger companies in Canada to regenerate, recreate and invest in us, workers in Ontario that have viable skills. Alot of these skills can be transferred into the new emerging economy of sustainable, renewable energy and technologies.

I am currently working with the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association to help create a model that can help workers and companies think about how work is executed based on muti-skills.  I won’t get into it here, but I would like to emphasize that we need to move forward with news plans on how we work together in the new green economy.

If we do not change our old working ways, we will repeat the same mistakes of our past.  We are smarter than that. 

So, GM, if you are listening, let’s see if you keep moving forward to bring back, recreate and design more work for Canadians.  Teach them more than just engine assembly – arm them with skills they can move forward with …

JUST IN CASE YOU GUYS BLOW IT AGAIN (as I said, history can repeat itself).  That way, maybe, just maybe, we can make people unpoor, unignorant and motivated again.

But what do I know?

Peace 🙂


  1. dang sweet info dude.

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