Black Gold Polluted Garbage Hoarding Environmental Terrorists – Gulf Oil Spill NASA Satellite Photos


Have you ever seen the tv show, “Hoarders“?  That is who we are on Earth.

Hoarders has shown some of the most unbelieveable people with mountains of garbage piled high to the ceilings of each room of their 1700 + square foot homes, and they won’t let it go.

When it comes to oil, money & useless stuff, we are all black gold polluted garbage hoarding environmental terrorists.

The oil spill (spill sounds so minimal & almost childish, this is a global environmental disaster people!) continues to kill and poison our oceans right now, as most of you all Twitter & Facebook, about current trends & Myley Cyrus (did I even spell that right?) or whoever is the current Diva of the Day.

I even heard on Twitter that there is actually a debate going on whether or not President Obama should take charge of the situation since BP is not doing such a great job.  Sadly, it wasn’t a trending topic, I just stumbled upon it.

There can be no debate.

Doesn't History Ever Teach Us? Exxon Valdez

It is a global disaster of unimaginable consequence.

It has been reported that almost 5,000 square miles of ocean are now affected by the spill.

This means death & torture for thousands of sea creatures, affecting reefs, natural habitats HOLY – how can we not see this is unbelieveably horrific?

It is Environmental Terrorism at its worst and there is little anyone seems to want to do except watch it spread, like every uncurable disease in history that claimed so many.

I keep asking myself, “won’t we ever learn?”.

Check this NASA (MODIS) Satellite Photo taken yesterday – link:  http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/NaturalHazards/view.php?id=43917, May 9th, just to get a small sense of the unbelieveable devastation:

Worst Environmental Disaster

Look At What We Have Done

We should be ashamed at our wasteful, careless, thoughtless and selfish lives.  I am evolving every moment and awakening to realizations that as beautiful as we want to always make out human culture like every ultra uber fabulous media spins & paparrazzi photos:  its time to see ourselves for who we are – real human culture is dirty, ugly and polluted while at the same time weighed with profit & loss, whether monetary, environmental or human  – seems we have almost completely made ourselves expendable.

I am sorry everyone.  For everytime I carelessly threw away something I could have fixed, everytime I bought products I didn’t know anything about, everytime I didn’t recycle.  These small things added up are leaving a hell of a dirty legacy for generations to come.

But I am also doing something about it.  I am thinking about it everyday now.  I am doing something towards positive change & motivation of thinking cleaner whether in energy or personal life.

I challenge you all.  Go out and make your politicians, your leaders, your neighbours and friends understand that now really is the time to act and to work together:  we need to clean up as quickly as possible –  now especially in the wake of this horrific man made disaster, and our history full of them.

But WTF do I know?

(*obvious anger*)



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