100 Years Ago: Media, Climate Change & Electricity


How our earth has always and how it ‘lives’ in its own natural processes is something I cannot help pondering as I read this Washington Post article published in 1922.  Apparently the Arctic had “a radical change in climatic condition and hitherto un-heard-of high temperatures in that part of the earth’s surface.” The seals were disappearing, fish disappeared (although others seemed to replace them), flora & fauna dramatically changed.


I am reading practically the same today, almost 100 years later.  Nunavut, a territory of Canada, seems to have changed its flora & fauna now as well, as discussed in this article from CBC, July 11, 2011 => “Exotic Species Comes North to Nunavut” which to me, indicates insects are adapting as well as plants to earth changes.  As has similarly happened in all earth’s past history.


I am not saying that humans are NOT responsible for climate change, however, it may not be exactly the way we think it is.  I was amazed to see this headline pop up, which is clearly indicative of people in power playing with climate change on a global scale almost one hundred years ago:

Man Deliberately Wants to Change Nature

And if that doesn’t grab you, how about experiments on children with high frequency electrical currents way back in 1912, with an introduction that praises how these children will improve mentally and physically.

High Frequency Electrical Currents to Improve Children Mentally & Physically

There are other countless articles that show how solar power, wind power, electromagnetic energy (thanks to little know GENIUS Tesla), fuelless engines (the Hendershot)  and other technologies were either lost, disrespected by patent offices or other.  That there have been many experiments on humans, climate & so much more.  The underlying feeling of these old writings demonstrates an eerily similar feeling to many articles of today. Only these have rebranded, renamed, regurgitated, regenerated to suit our present times.

It is my real belief that the technology we are permitted to use & see is well behind that what really exists in our world. Corporations & profit mongers in business & banking look for the bottom line, period.  JP Morgan took his funding away from Tesla because Tesla wanted free wireless energy for everyone. There was no profit in that during their period of time.  No profit off sun or wind. But wires made profit, coal, oil, gas …

There now exist solar, wind & other old technologies made new – along with a slew of political & economic policies across the world that have been geared for what is always the bottom line – profit.

It is my hope that the real people of the world, the ones who struggle, who work everyday just to make ends meet (90% of the population) might take the time to discover & educate themselves about the real possibilities of a cleaner world that serves the better interest of the global community as opposed to the self-serving interests of ‘greenwashing’ corporations, politicians, governments and the maddeningly manipulative & exploiting media.

But what do I know?



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