4 Significant Quakes Since September Started as Rare Earthquake Hits North West Territories, Canada


UPDATE 5:50 pm EST – A 3.0 Magnitude earthquake has hit the Southern Yukon Territories of Canada. Click for USGS report.

A rare earthquake struck the Northwest Territories region of Canada late on Sunday confirmed by Natural Resources Canada (Details Here)

There have been 4 significant seismic events reported by Natural Resources Canada since September 2011 started, all above 4.1 in Magnitude – Natural Resources Canada.

The 5.3 magnitude earthquake, the strongest recorded in the province this year, struck at 7:02:57 PM local time (2:02:57 AM GMT Monday). The epicentre was located 137 km (85 miles) W of Wrigley, 205 km (127 miles) S of Norman Wells, and 617 km (383 miles) WNW of the provincial capital Yellowknife.

While seismic activity is not uncommon in the Northwest Territories, earthquakes exceeding 5 magnitude on the Richter Scale are rare.

It is very important to note for the past month at least, the west coast, especially BC (and California) have been suffering from swarms of quakes.  See here for details about BC area.


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  1. […] (see Cleveland Volcano Article) as well as the 5.3 MAG that hit the North West Territories (see 4 Significant Quakes/NWT Article). There are many more places that have been affected – all along the Pacific Ring of Fire.  […]


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