Restaurants & Chefs in Niagara Falls – Local Organic Advantages


Kinsella's Simply Organics - Certified Organic Farm

A recent or so article, published in July 2016, from Toronto Life called “Your salad says it’s local, organic and sustainable – but is it?” tested several restaurants in Toronto to their claims. Canadian restauranteurs do their best to provide their diners with locally sourced foods, but they do end up having to source outside of local, mostly due to seasonal availability issues.  Otherwise, their doors would simply close for good. The Canadian climate can be very uncooperative for farmers in Canada however, many restaurants have clever & sustainably minded chefs that create foods from seasonally available produces which narrows real choices.

Important Facts to Keep in Mind About the Importance of CERTIFIED ORGANIC

  • Organic means grown in soil that is pesticide and chemical free.
  • Certified Organic means that a farm, such as ours, has gone through and continues to go through rigorous processes and testing through government standards.  It is…

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