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Petition – No More Off Shore Drilling – No More Oil Spills


This oil spill is a global environmental disaster. The only way to stop this in the future is to end the mad dependency on oil now.

Please visit the site and sign the petition.


But what do I know?



Guilty as Charged – Endangerment, Extirpation & Extinction in Canada.


April 28th was Canada’s National Day of Mourning for those workers killed on their jobs.  Their deaths, the reasons for them and the realizations we have learned as a result should never be forgotten.  We should also mourn for the loss and the mismangement of our natural resources here as well.


Dawson or Woodland Caribou, gone.

So today, I am also mourning for that substantial loss.

We need to learn to take responsibility for our past actions – we are guilty of participating in and assisting in the endangerment, extirpation and extinction of our natural resources here in Canada.

In starting to participate in a ‘green’ lifestyle, changing my ways of thinking, acting and making a conscientious effort to be more aware of the effects my actions, my realizations have actually forced me to ask questions & learn.

I discovered the Species at Risk Public Registry – run by the Government of Canada.  And what I saw made me sad today.

I will never see:

  • passenger pigeons darkening the sky RIP 1914
  • Reasons for extinction
    ” … greatly reduced by market hunting … ” – sararegistry


  •  a blue walleye swimming in a lake in Ontario RIP 1965
  • Reasons for extinction
    “Overfishing was the main factor which led to the extinction of this species.” – sararegistry


  • deep water ciscoe in Lake Michigan or Lake Huron RIP ?
  • Reasons for extinction
    “Commercial exploitation …” – sararegistry


  •  Macoun’s Shining Moss – never seen alive since RIP 1864
  •  Reasons for extinction – sararegistry
    “The land where the original population was located was cleared between 1864 and 1892, suggesting that habitat loss accounts for the elimination of the only known population.”


  • the fins of a Lake Ontario Kiyi RIP 1974
  • Reasons for extinction
    “Commercial overfishing of Kiyi was likely the cause of its decline in lakes Huron, Michigan and Ontario.” – sararegistry



The Great Auk sadly is extinct.

I’ll also never see the Sea Mink RIP 1894, the Labrador Duck RIP 1878, the Eelgrass Limpet RIP 1929, the Dawson Caribou RIP 1930s, the Banff Longnoose Dace RIP 2000, the Benthic & Limnetic Hadley Lake Stikleback RIP 1980s, or the Great Auk RIP 1844 – see extinction list sararegistry.

The Species at Risk Registry also has an extensive list of extirpated and endangered species, as well as documentation to recovery strategies.

According to many of these documents, we are guilty in the past and the present of putting all our natural resources in danger.  Let’s make a change to protect Earth, repair it and make it safe for all by executing the right steps for the future.  Education and awareness are imperative now, make sure to get the news out.

Making a coordinated & community oriented effort to clean up our country is urgent.  Changing the way we live, eat, work has to be parallelled with a re-motivation of trust and care with eachother.  Using clean, renewable, sustainable power in a responsible and conscienscious manner because it will help to save our Earth can be coupled with making a living from it.

For further information on Community Power and its possibilities, please visit the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association’s website at

Guilt tripping and restling with your conscience is good I say. 

But what do I know?

Peace 🙂

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