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Video from Green Flight Challenge, Full Scale Electric Power Aircraft Competition


See the amazing aircraft of the Green Flight Challenge (GFC) from the Google Green Flight Challenge Exposition hosted by NASA at Moffett Field held Monday October 3, 2011. The event showcased the latest in personal aircraft innovation and featured advanced vehicle demonstrations.

Day 2: Green Flight Challenge

Info on Green Flight Challenge

Cutting-edge technology companies exhibited close by to the aircraft. Products and technologies were demonstrated and displayed (advanced vehicles and innovations).  Some of the exhibitors:

  • Verticopter – Personal VTOL
  • D-STAR Engineering – Electric Motor featuring 8kw/kg
  • Sinhatech – Laminar Flow
  • Motor Excellence – Motors
  • GSE – Bio-Fuel Engines
  • Kleenspeed – Car and Aero Technolgies
  • JoBy Energy – Electric VTOL
  • A.I.R. Inc. – Motor Controllers
  • Google – Autonomous Automobile
  • NASA – The Future of Aeronautics
  • CAFE – GFC Flight Testing
  • Extreme Capacitor, Inc. – Ultra-Capacitors, X-CapTM
  • Alternair – Electric Aircraft
  • Catto Props – Quiet Propellers
  • Sentry View Systems – Data Acquisition
  • Wrightspeed – Electric Drivetrains
  • Synergy – Synergy aircraft
  • Aerovel – Flexrotor UAV
  • IKE Aerospace – Seraph Aircraft
  • Brammo Inc – Electric Motorcycle
  • Matternet – UAV Last-Mile Solutions

Old Cars Help People – Car Heaven Rewards Canada – and the Environment


TORONTO, Sept. 19, 2011 via Canada News Wire – Car Heaven is challenging Canadians to consider the age of their cars and the effects they have on the environment and their wallets. Summerhill Impact’s national Car Heaven program is Canada’s only end-of-life vehicle program, dedicated to rewarding and enabling car owners to get their 2003 and older, polluting vehicles permanently off the road. When Canadians send their old, higher polluting vehicles to Car Heaven and adopt a lower-impact transportation mix into their daily lives, they can make a huge impact by supporting a Canadian charity, reducing their impact on the environment, saving money, and supporting local green businesses.

Recycle Old Cars - Help a Charity

“Most people don’t realize that 2003 model year and older vehicles can produce up to 39 times more smog-forming pollutants than cars manufactured today,” said Fatima Crerar, Summerhill Impact. “That’s why we are encouraging Canadians to retire these cars early and permanently remove them from our roads by offering Car Heaven: a rewarding, free and convenient program to participate in.”

The program benefits Canadians not just by protecting the environment; it also supports charities across the country. Canadians who participate will receive a suite of rewards that includes a charitable tax receipt from their selected Car Heaven charity partner, an alternative transportation incentive (where available), the guarantee that their vehicle will be recycled in an environmentally responsible manner, and a free tow (valued at up to $200).

Since its launch in 2000, Car Heaven and its program partners have retired more than 123,500 vehicles, resulting in a reduction of almost 5,000 tonnes of smog-forming emissions and generating more than $3,600,000 for its affiliated charities. Car Heaven is constantly adding rewards and incentives for Canadian participants and encourages all sustainable transportation providers – including transit authorities, bike retailers, car-share providers, and vehicle manufacturers and retailers – to join us in this initiative.

“Car Heaven is supporting green business growth in the Canadian economy and dedicated to using only auto recyclers who comply with the environmental process guidelines,” said Steve Fletcher, Managing Director of the Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC) “Environment Canada and ARC developed the Canadian Automotive Recyclers’ Environmental Code that all recyclers participating in the program must follow.”

By sending vehicles to Car Heaven, Canadians will ensure their cars will be recycled responsibly through the Canadian Automotive Recyclers’ Environmental Code, a process ensures that materials such as oil, gasoline, refrigerants, mercury switches and tires are removed from vehicles prior to scrappage. Recyclers that work with Car Heaven reuse and recycle over 80% of vehicles and ensure the remaining materials are responsibly disposed of. To learn more about the program visit

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Participating charities include:

Evergreen, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Asthma Society of Canada, Heart & Lung Association, Canadian Cancer Society, MADD, Breast Cancer Foundation of Ontario, Canadian Diabetes Association, Canadian Red Cross & more.

source: canada news wire

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