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Ontario Tries to Understand “Green”


I spent this afternoon participating in a meeting of some of Ontario’s biggest green supporters. And we are talking about real people, who, simply put, see green in Ontario as a way of life. It’s not up for debate. It’s not about economics. It’s not about politics. It’s about our lives & its up to us to take action.

What I got out of the discussions is such a bonus: people are really starting to see the way. The hardest part: trying to find a common term that Ontarians can relate to without some kind of political stigma or ‘guilty by mis-information association’ or bad press. (I think big industry like oil & gas stick their noses in it everywhere to bend perspectives).

The simple truth of the matter is that we should be looking at balance. Oil, gas & other ‘ungreen’ energies are not going to disappear overnight.  But they can be replaced & changed with green, renewable energy.

The Green Energy & Economy Act is not something we should dismiss. I have written several posts about the Government’s Federal Sustainable Development Act & the GEEA, by comparison, is truly far superior & respectful of green & the opportunities & possibilities it presents and this is because of its specificity to producing energy in ways far more beneficial to the health & environment of Canada. And we can further use it & improve it to move forward.

There is no legislation, economic model, accord or contract that ever makes all the people happy all the time. What we can do here in Ontario, is use our collective intelligence to improve & enhance the Act, creating better & more – not taking away from & having less.

Green is a term is being loosely used & abused on political terms in Ontario, and is quite abandoned & manipulated on a Federal level. Green is neither scientific or define-able. It is our heart & soul and way of life, about loving our country & leaving a clean legacy to our children. It cannot be branded or taken away or labelled. There is no compromise here, because it is about life.

The opportunity to take action as a real person is here. Keep the GEEA. We are a leader in North America & in the world and can further expand, enhance & create in order to protect our lives. Let’s keep moving forward from here.

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