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Japan Legal Action Against Ontario Green Energy Act “Concern” for WTO – International Institute Sustainable Development


IISD convenes meeting at WTO – international trade/investment laws

GENEVA—October 11, 2011—The International Institute for Sustainable Development has convened a one-day meeting of specialists from the climate change and the international trade law communities aimed at developing a better framework to address unilateral trade-related action on climate change, at the World Trade Organization headquarters in Geneva on Thursday.

“Several high profile measures have already sparked legal challenges in the WTO, a clear sign of things to come,” said IISD senior advisor and associate Aaron Cosbey.

The most prominent case is the action Japan has brought against Canada over Ontario’s Green Energy Act, which provides preferential incentives to green energy (solar and wind), but only if it uses components manufactured by local manufacturers. If Japan succeeds, it could mean lost jobs and a roadblock to Ontario’s ambitions to be a clean energy exporter.

“This is a major concern to all members of the WTO, as the uncertainty has stalled critical and urgent investments in clean energy infrastructure and other climate change-related investments,” said Cosbey.

Despite the urgency, Cosbey said it will still take years to establish a framework to deal with the complex issues. “This meeting is just the beginning, but the issues are so important we expect a lively and productive discussion at the very least.”

He said the aim is to foster greater international cooperation in an effort to keep investment flowing in the direction of initiatives that help countries develop the infrastructure needed for climate change adaptations and mitigation.

The meeting will also look at issues around border carbon adjustment, which pose serious challenges for international cooperation on trade and investment, as well as in the ongoing climate change negotiations.

Please see the agenda for a full list of presenters at the conference: Trade, Investment and Climate Change: Searching for Progress on Key Issues,on October 13, 2011.

source: IISD


World’s Largest Green Building Conference & Expo in Toronto October 4 – 7


[from Author: I will be at the Green Building Expo. I have signed up for many educational sessions with some amazing speakers, but I think I am most looking forward to the discussion I get to attend with Steve Zornetzer Associate Director for Research – NASA HQ! Please connect with me via Twitter & perhaps we will see eachother there! Profile: TheVillageGreen]

Greenbuild’s economic impact on local economy an expected $26 million CAD with 25,000 delegates

TORONTO, Sept. 28, 2011 /CNW/ — The U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) annual conference and expo is making its way to Toronto next week to celebrate “what’s next” in green building. Greenbuild is the world’s largest green building conference and expo and is expected to make an economic impact of $26 million CAD, bringing 25,000 delegates from over 115 countries to the event. A release from the Metro Toronto Convention Centre earlier this week also stated that Greenbuild will generate a positive impact on the local economy of over $58 million from delegate spending.

Toronto was selected by USGBC as the host city for the conference for several reasons, including its growth in the green building movement with nearly 300 building projects registered and seeking LEED certification and 44 green building projects already LEED-certified in the Toronto area.

“Toronto and the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) have been a tremendous force in the recent growth of the green building movement in Canada,” said Rick Fedrizzi, President, CEO and Founding Chair, USGBC. “Toronto’s building market has continued to boom and prosper and it’s the perfect backdrop for the 10th anniversary of Greenbuild.”

Held in conjunction with the Canada Green Building Council, Greenbuild promises to inspire and educate with hundreds of educational sessions; dozens of master speakers; one and two day summits focused on green jobs, residential and affordable green building, and the international green building marketplace; more than 1,000 companies showcasing the most innovative green building products and services in the world’s largest expo hall dedicated to green building; and top-notch plenary speakers that include New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, former Prime Minister of Canada Kim Campbell, ABC News political commentator Cokie Roberts, medical anthropologist and physician Dr. Paul Farmer and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The opening plenary event will also feature Grammy award-winning band, Maroon 5.

“It’s appropriate that the first Greenbuild outside of the United States is being held in Canada because it demonstrates the huge impact LEED, and the close partnership between the USGBC and CaGBC, have had on green building in Canada,” said Thomas Mueller, President and CEO, CaGBC. “There is no doubt that Greenbuild will be a game changer for Toronto and for Canada by taking green building to the next level in terms of industry and government recognition and international trade.”

About U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) The U.S. Green Building Council is committed to a prosperous and sustainable future for our nation through cost-efficient and energy-saving green buildings. With a community comprising 79 local affiliates, nearly 16,000 member organizations, and more than 168,000 LEED Professional Credential holders, USGBC is the driving force of an industry that is projected to contribute $554 billion to the U.S. GDP from 2009-2013. USGBC leads an unlikely diverse constituency of builders and environmentalists, corporations and nonprofit organizations, elected officials and concerned citizens, and teachers and students. For more information, visit, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

About Greenbuild The U.S. Green Building Council’s Greenbuild International Conference & Expo convenes the industry’s largest gathering of representatives from all sectors of the green building movement. Three days of extensive educational programming, workshops, a vast exhibition floor and ample networking events provide unrivaled opportunities to learn about the latest technological innovations, explore new products, and exchange ideas with other professionals. Greenbuild is the three time recipient of IMEX Green Meetings Award and the 2011 show will be held on Oct. 4-7, 2011, in Toronto, Canada. This past year’s conference in Chicago, Ill. drew more than 28,000 attendees and featured more than 1,800 exhibit booths. Visit for more information.


10 Facts I Didn’t Know Until the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill


#1  NOAA or National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reports that in 2006 there were approximately 3,858 oil and gas platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.


approximately 4000 oil & gas platforms exist in the Gulf of Mexico

#2  The world’s deepest oil platform is floating, known as Independence Hub which is a semisubmersible platform in the Gulf of Mexico in a water depth of 2,414 meters (8,000 ft).

#3. Many household products are made from crude oil, such as:

  • plastic gadgets, tools, bags
  • candles
  • clothing (polyester, nylon)
  • hand lotions
  • perfumes
  • dishwashing liquids
  • ink
  • bubble gum
  • car tires
  • ammonia
  • heart valves and so many more!

#4. The 10 animals at most risk due to the oil spill in the Gulf, right now are:

  • the Blue Fin Tuna
  • Sea Turtles
  • Sharks
  • (Mammals) Whales, Porpoises & Dophins
  • Brown Pelicans
  • Oysters
  • Shrimp & Blue Crab
  • Menhaden & Marsh Dwelling Fish
  • Beach Nesting & Migratory Shorebirds
  • Migratory Songbirds
  • and that there are close to 600 species listed as endangered

#5.  The Gulf of Mexico is the 11th largest body of water in the world.  The Gulf basin is approximately 615,000 miles squared or 1.6M kms squared and contains approximately a volume of 642 trillion gallons.

#6.  Especially during the summer months, the Gulf of Mexico suffers from a hypoxia zone (oxygen depletion in the water).  It has to do with the Mississippi sweet waters meeting ocean’s salty h2o.  Seems to me a big oil spill will only make matters worse.

#7. That there are somewhere in the neighbourhood of 650 large sized oil refineries in the world.  The first oil refineries in the world were built by Ignacy Łukasiewicz near Jasło, Austrian Empire (now in Poland) from 1854 to 1856, but they were initially small as there was no real demand for refined fuel. As Łukasiewicz’s kerosene lamp gained popularity, the refining industry grew in the area.

how oil is refined

Oil Refining Diagram

#8.  One of the first products of refined crude oil in the 1800s was kerosene.

#9.  Nearly 1/2 of all the crude oil sucked out of the ground is refined into gasoline.

#10.  The coastal population of the five states of the Gulf of Mexico is projected by the Census Bureau to increase from a total of 44.2 million in 1995 to an estimated 61.4 million in 2025, nearly a 40% increase. Texas and Florida are the most rapidly growing states.

The news is getting grimmer everyday, and oil keeps spilling like the tears of pain, weeping from Mother Nature’s bosom. We are praying for it to stop and for the environment.

The time to change our ways of thinking to shift into clean, green energy is here.  Let’s transition people from oil dependencies and oil jobs into green freedoms & healthy green jobs.

But what do I know?

Peace 🙂


Green Giggles – Renewable Energy Jokes


Green Energy Giggles and Jokes:

  • Just a few tidbits of green humour, environment, energy, politcal funnies to help green up your day.

the day the earth stood still

What did the California wind farm say when it met Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger?
– We’re big fans of yours!

What’s the best way to charge a car battery?
– With a credit card.

What do you call a silly old man?
– A fossil fool.

What should they do to gas guzzlers?
– Lock them up in a fuel cell.

What did the 150 kilowatt Southwest Wind Power wind turbine say to the 15 kilowatt wind turbine?
– Trick question: Southwest Wind Power wind turbines don’t talk. They whisper.

How can you grow your own power plant?
– Try planting a light bulb.

Kilometers are shorter than miles.  Save gas, take your next trip in kilometers.

Is a vegetarian permitted to eat animal crackers?

Some national parks have long waiting lists for camping reservations.  When you have to wait a year to sleep next to a tree, something is wrong.

Oh Beautiful for smoggy skies, insecticided grain,
For strip-mined mountain’s majesty above the asphalt plain.
America, America, man sheds his waste on thee,
And hides the pines with billboard signs, from sea to oily sea.

The above one is just really sad …

They say if the warming trend continues, by 2015 Hillary Clinton might actually thaw out. — Jay Leno

 This one says it all really:

sucks that money is green too

Laughter is the best medicine, I say.  So let’s cure ourselves & save the planet.

But what do I know?

Peace 🙂

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