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Choose to do Something, Environment Week #emptythetanks #environment #blackfish


I have been working behind the scenes to help others with work in sustainable energy for awhile. I am online frequently and try to bring awareness to news and views with respect to the environment, animals, science etc.

I live in the Niagara region, and I am currently championing an excellent campaign in Ontario called “Green Energy Doors Open”. I am trying, however, I choose to do something I had not done before. I gathered with somewhere over 100 people recently to publicly express my heartfelt unhappiness for at least one very lonely & depressed creature in my local neighbourhood.

Now to be clear, yes, I care about animals, and yes, I have rescued a dog from an abuser.  But this particular, sentient and beautiful creature I am speaking of is not one that I can just simply intervene on by myself.  There are others who feel the same, and I respect that.

My participation is coming from a genuine concern and I could get into the whole back story, but here is the specific focus:

Marineland is holding the last ORCA, the last Killer Whale for entertainment purposes, in Canada, in a swimming pool that, relative to its’ natural environment in the oceans, is like sticking a child into a cage, period.

Being a killer whale, Kiska’s inherent and natural feelings and instincts cannot, in any logical way, shape or form, be duplicated, accommodated or replicated in tiny pools.  Being alone, without her true family, her bloodlines, or even any related company, I can only guess the perpetual sadness and stress that must keep her grinding her almost non-existent teeth (is that even in any way acceptable that her teeth are in such bad shape?). And also, how many times can a killer whale, held in a sardine box pool, become pregnant and in some way not be expected to abort.  This may sound really sick to some or sad to others, but if I was held in captivity, in a cage, forced to become pregnant, alone, hurting and depressed, I would most likely, being a mother, think that my body would reject any child, knowing consciously and with feeling, that their life would be just as bad?

All anyone needs to do is Google Marineland and/or any other SeaWorld Parks and there is not a pretty, entertaining picture being painted.

It bothers me.  I have seen the place behind the scenes where most regular people don’t get to go.  This is the truth.  The tiny holding pools for things like the dolphins, and especially the caged up walruses were such unhappy a to animals see.  There is a conscious sentient being looking back at you when you look them into their eyes.  And their look is utter sadness.

They should never have been put there in the first place and deserve rehabilitation.

There should never be any more wild animals held in cages, in tiny pens.

People can help, with one small step at a time.  People are saying ‘no more’ and understand that these beautiful amazing sentient creatures have families, have feelings and are doing something.

I appreciate the people who attended the gathering at Marineland in Niagara Falls.  I met many people from different places, feeling, reaching out.  They are just regular people, who are doing something.

It may not be what you, as the reader of this blog, may agree with. You may even think it’s ‘loserish’. However, the people who came out to express their concerns are really doing something.

All I suggest is that during this time of Environment Week, we all think about possibly making one choice, one small step and actually do something about something to do with the environment.

I cannot find any logical way to agree that Kiska is in a safe or healthy environment.  She cannot stand up for herself.  She is not being heard by those who own her in any real way, as she is merely property to them.  And those who have taken care of her in the past, present and future will definitely be affected by it, and I hope they too will come out and express their concerns.

I cannot be like Captain Paul Watson, I don’t have the freedom of the seas to do as he does.  I do have a voice, and I do have sons, who also feel that holding any wonderful beautiful sentient creature, out of its’ natural environment, is just wrong.

Please make a choice to support a healthy & safe environment for all creatures & the environment.  One step.

Thank you to all who support #emptythetanks and Sea Shepherds.



Thank you to all those who love animals & understand how important they are.

Now go do something about it!

But hey, what do I know?


[VIDEO] Strange Colours, Clouds & Light Over Niagara, Ontario


Strange colours & light over Niagara, Ontario, Canada today.

The heat continues in the area and there was no rain.  Cirrus clouds have been idling by all day in the light, warm breeze.

Cirrus clouds (cloud classification symbol: Ci) are a genus of atmospheric clouds generally characterized by thin, wispy strands, giving them their name from the Latin word cirrus meaning a ringlet or curling lock of hair. The strands of cloud sometimes appear in tufts of a distinctive form referred to by the common name of mares’ tails.

Cirrus clouds generally appear white or light grey in color. They form when water vapor undergoes deposition at altitudes above 5,000 m (16,500 ft) in temperate regions and above 6,100 m (20,000 ft) in tropical regions. They also form from the outflow of tropical cyclones or the anvils of cumulonimbus clouds. Since these cirrus clouds arrive in advance of the frontal system or tropical cyclone, they indicate that the weather conditions may soon deteriorate. While they indicate the arrival of precipitation (rain), cirrus clouds themselves produce only fall streaks (falling ice crystals that evaporate before landing on the ground).

What was interesting was that there had to be a correlation with the composition of the clouds and how light was refracted through them.  Most likely, these clouds were composed of solid ice particles.

There could be many other explanations, which I encourage readers to leave their comments about.

Was hoping some kind of unidentified flying object or meteor would fly by at the same time but, alas, not.

Maybe HAARP? 🙂

But what do I know?


Niagara Waste Systems – Used Roofing Shingles Buried in Landfill – Study


Word has been received from Walker Industries.  I sent an email in order to determine what happens to one waste product, namely used roofing shingles: recycled or not? The answer is no.

Used Roofing Shingles are BURIED in Niagara's Landfill

The roofers were absolutely correct.  Now the brain must try to absorb the exponential amount of just used roofing shingles that must exist, buried, like a deep dark secret.

As we continue desiring green energy, renewable, clean tech and all those other goodies that make our eyes sparkle, our consciences feel better, are we forgetting the immense and exponentially grown and continuously growing pile of  just one waster product that does not bio-degrade?

There is a much deeper story here and it is one I intend to get to the bottom of, literally.

Technology and desire exists.  In the next posts, I hope to start figuring out the barriers.

Here is the communication (in reverse order, most recent to first):

Good morning,

At the drop-off, all shingles are dumped directly into a roll off bin
and then sent to Niagara Waste Systems for landfill disposal.


—–Original Message—–
Sent: Thursday, October 13, 2011 11:51 AM
To: Taylor Webb
Subject: RE: Walker Ask Us a Question Form

Thank you for your response, Mr. Webb.

I believe I have to rephrase the question.

What does your facility do with the used shingles (policy, procedure,
environmental procedure?) after they have been
dumped off by residents and commercial/contractors?

I hope this is clearer.

I thank you in advance for your knowledgeable reply.


Niagara Falls Resident

> Good afternoon,
> We accept shingles at a rate of $66.50/metric tonne for both residents
> and contractors. You will be weighed on the inbound and outbound
> and your disposal fee will be based on your weight. We have a $10
> minimum charge.
> Our facility is open 8am to 5pm, Monday through Saturday.
> If you have any other questions, feel free to call me at 905-680-3059.
> Thanks and have a great day!
> Taylor
> —–Original Message—–
> Sent: Wednesday, October 12, 2011 10:02 AM
> To: contact weg
> Subject: Walker Ask Us a Question Form
> On Oct-12-2011 (10:01:46 AM), the following individual filled out the
> Ask Us a Question form:
> First Name: x
> Last Name: xxxxxxxxxxx
> Phone: xxxxxxxxxxx
> Fax:
> Email Address: ///////////
> Hello! I am a home-owner in Niagara Falls (Montrose Road). I was
> wondering if you could please tell me your policy and procedures for
> used shingle (roofing) disposal when dropped off both by residential
> commercial/industrial?
> Thank you for your assistance.
> Sincerely,
> Niagara Falls Resident


GM Canada announces $235M investment into St. Catharines plant in Ontario


GM Canada has reported today that it will invest $235 Million into its plant sitting in St. Catharines, Ontario. GM Canada reports that it will build its next generation of highly fuel efficient small block engines.

Power Train

GM invests $235M into St. Catharines Plant

GM also reports that 400 jobs will be (re)created as a result.

It sucks that GM took a blind eye a few years back to the possibilities of creating cars and trucks of the future. Living in a society where glitz and glamour have had their day perhaps, and with the demise of gas guzzlers like the Hummer – GM’s recent financial woes & set-backs, perhaps its a sign of a turn around and hope.

What do I know? Seems everything is still about the buck, however, if people in one of Canada’s poorest areas (Niagara Region), where industry and tourism have substantially died between SARS and the bouncing dollar economy, it is a ray of hope to see some jobs coming back into the area.

Two months ago, the Welland Tribune reported that Stats Canada released figures (February 2010) that Niagara’s unemployment rate rose from 11% to 11.2% while the National average dropped by .1% to 8.3%.

In 2008, the Niagara Falls Review reported that Stats Canada’s unemployment rate for Niagara was at 7.7% already almost 2% over the National average at that time.

Niagara’s unemployment rate has increased by 3.5% in just 2 years making it one of the highest reported unemployment rates next to Windsor, now at 12.8%, in Canada.

Most people aren’t even getting a yearly salary increase of 3.5%.

With networking, education, discussion and connections, perhaps we can encourage bigger companies in Canada to regenerate, recreate and invest in us, workers in Ontario that have viable skills. Alot of these skills can be transferred into the new emerging economy of sustainable, renewable energy and technologies.

I am currently working with the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association to help create a model that can help workers and companies think about how work is executed based on muti-skills.  I won’t get into it here, but I would like to emphasize that we need to move forward with news plans on how we work together in the new green economy.

If we do not change our old working ways, we will repeat the same mistakes of our past.  We are smarter than that. 

So, GM, if you are listening, let’s see if you keep moving forward to bring back, recreate and design more work for Canadians.  Teach them more than just engine assembly – arm them with skills they can move forward with …

JUST IN CASE YOU GUYS BLOW IT AGAIN (as I said, history can repeat itself).  That way, maybe, just maybe, we can make people unpoor, unignorant and motivated again.

But what do I know?

Peace 🙂

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