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TedX – Jacques Vallee – A Theory of Everything (Else) Article & Video


Dr. Vallee was born in France, where he received a B.S. in mathematics at the Sorbonne and an M.S. in astrophysics at Lille University. Coming to the U.S. as an astronomer at the University of Texas, where he co-developed the first computer-based map of Mars for NASA, Jacques later moved to Northwestern University where he received his Ph.D. in computer science.

He went on to work on information technology research at SRI International and the Institute for the Future, where he directed the project to build the world’s first network-based collaboration system as a Principal Investigator for the groupware project on Arpanet, the prototype for the Internet.

A venture capitalist since 1984, Jacques Vallee has served as an early-stage investor and director of over 60 high-technology companies, a third of which went public through acquisitions or IPOs. Apart from his work with information science and finance, Jacques has had a long-term private interest in astronomy, in writing and in the frontiers of research, notably unidentified aerial phenomena.

His most recent book, The Heart of the Internet, is available free of charge on Google Books. He was awarded the Jules Verne Prize for a science fiction novel in French.


Canada Wants Technology for the Holidays! ( video available in HD )


Happy Holidays! (video available in HD)

(statistics provided by canada newswire article, Nov. 2011 – vital vision)


Constellation View Video – CFH Telescope – Search 4 Nibiru Continues


Despite the impotence of Elenin, there are still major storms, earthquakes and volcanoes (plus a whole slew of other conditions) that are still tormenting Earth and many are still looking for the answer … in the stars.

Does Nibiru exist? Maybe yes, maybe no. But it’s still wonderful to watch the stars.

Includes constellation overlay!!!


El Hierro Video & News – Volcano Eruption Spots – Images Indicate Lava, Gases Released



Experts believe that the spots at sea “could be associated with a fumarole greater than 150 meters”

Las manchas de la erupción volcánica se acercan a 1,85 kilómetros de La Restinga.Volcanic eruption spots are close at 1.85 kilometers from La Restinga. Canary Islands Government

EFE spots generated by the underwater eruptions taking place in the Sea of Calm are already a nautical mile (1.85 km) from La Restinga, the southernmost population of the island of El Hierro, as photographs show, released by the Canarian Government.

This aerial image, taken by the National Geological Survey and the National Research Council, shows a patch of light green, with tan areas, approaching the coast, the Canary Islands government said in a statement.

Experts believe that spots in the sea “could be associated with a fumarole greater than 150 meters” and has “different characteristics” than originally observed.

During the afternoon of Wednesday, the team that traveled to El Hierro announced that it had detected two spots in the sea with a strong smell of sulfur and an area containing dead fish at a distance of between 1.5 and 2 nm (2 , 77 and 3.70 miles).

As explained by the Director General of Security and Emergency, Canarian Government, these two spots in turn signal subsea eruptions, one up to 2 miles and 750 feet deep and another 1.5 miles of the coast and 500 meters under the sea.

The spots generated by these subsea eruptions can be seen with the naked eye from the highlands of El Hierro, in which several people have gathered to observe this natural phenomenon, and has been witnessed on terrero Efe.



Zooming in on Earth – Amazing Time-Lapse Video From International Space Station


Wouldn’t anyone want the chance to see it for themselves with their own eyes?

Well I guess its possible if you have at least a cool million dollars to spend on the new Soviet Space Hotel.

That or perhaps alien abduction.

But what do I know?

Take me to your leader.  I’m tired of ours.


Vintage Hydro Electric Power Generation Video – Queenston Niagara Falls 1915


Time travel into Ontario’s energy past as you get a glimpse of workers building the Queenston power house at the turn of the 20th Century. Vintage video from around 1915-1922. Amazing.

But what do I know?

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