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Author of green and sustainability posts, re-blogger & opinion donator on topics of science, technology, natural disasters & weird fun stuff.

I’m into the truth.

Good Old Canadian Sun-Power - Better than all the DIRTY stuff out there!

I am proud of being Canadian, born and raised here.  Have lived most of my life in Ontario where I am watching a new technological age unfold.

I support leaving a future legacy to our children that includes good education, clean air, clean water and a more natural approach to life as opposed to the possible future of pollution, suffocation, sickness and death.

Irregardless of whether you are of the opinion that the climate is changing and affecting us or not, one thing is for certain:  we have seen it in our own history of “too little too late”.  Cleaning up the Earth, repairing what we have ripped and torn from her and making a cleaner and healthier life are excellent goals in anyone’s smart books.

There is resistance out there in the world to greening up.  Hope that it will change in the right way is also out there.

What most people do not understand is that the price of our power will go up, whether there is a Green Energy & Economy Act or not. There are many globalizing influences at play which include NAFTA and Agenda 21, along with a long difficult to trace line of legislation, accords & more that are making sure we will all be on par with prices, globally.

But it would be better to have our own legislated economy, as it opens up the doors to many local opportunities. We need to invest in ourselves, our communities & our children.

There are weaknesses, as with everything, but we have enough smart, caring & hopeful people that can work to make the legislation even better. If we give it up, we are destined for harder days.

I am an Energy Consultant that works to help transition workers into new economies through education and motivation. Things are exponentially changing all around us & for many, we need to adjust by learning new skills & a multitude of them at that.

I also sit as a member on the Policy Committee for the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association and I am currently working on a initiative called “Growing Up Green” for local school children in the Niagara Region.



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  1. I love the things that you have to write about. Keep up the good fight!


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